Astro Gaming - A50 Wireless Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset - Xbox One

  • Enjoy the absolute immersion into the world of your favorite games with this headset that features Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound, built-in MixAmp and pro audio quality
  • Connect to your console without wires with 5GHz wireless technology
  • Astro Command Center software allows you to tune every input and output parameter including mic level adjustments and creating your own EQ modes
  • Isolate your voice and minimize background noise during chats with the precision boom microphone with flip-up mute functionality
  • Stay comfortable during long gaming sessions with a lightweight, easily adjustable design
  • Store and charge your headset when not in use on the included base station
  • Compatible with Xbox One and Windows
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Astro Gaming


ASTRO Gaming is ready to invade the living room with the A50 Wireless System. Experience Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound with clarity and performance powered by KleerNet's strongest 5.8Ghz solution available. Hear the difference that professionally tuned audiophile-grade sound makes. Whatever your audio needs are, the A50 Headset comes with 3 different EQ modes for movies, hardcore gaming, and competitive shooters. When finished, simply charge your headset from your transmitter and the included display stand. Take over your gaming and home entertainment with the A50 Wireless System.

Immerse yourself in stunning surround sound with our proprietary MixAmp technology. You'll be able to use every gunshot and footstep to pinpoint, and get the drop on, your opponents.

Featuring premium materials and construction, ASTROs are highly adjustable and surprisingly lightweight. Clamp them on your dome for days or turn them flat around your neck.

We work with pro gamers and top audio designers to deliver the highest level of clarity at every frequency. Your games, music, and movies will sound amazing.

Operating at a higher frequency than most wireless devices, ASTRO wireless MixAmps provides clarity and range with less interference. Available on A50 wireless headsets.

Tuned for Gaming, ASTRO Audio was developed with pro gamers and game designers to deliver clarity and detail at every frequency and volume level.


Transducer Principle: Open Air

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20,000 KHz

Distortion: THD<1%

Inputs Front: Optical In, AUX In (3.5mm)

Characteristic SPL: 118 db @1 KHz

Microphone: 6.0mm uni-directional noise canceling

Nominal Impedance: 48 ohm

Power Supply: USB mini-B (USB 2.0 compatible)

Ear Coupling: Over-Ear

Weight w/o Cable: 0.81 lb.

Output Front: Optical Passthrough, USB Power & Voice, USB Charging Port

General information

Consisting of a 5GHz base station and a premium over-ear headset, the ASTRO Gaming A50 is a premium-class wireless headset that paves the way to victory for series gamers with top-of-the-line acoustics, luxury over-ear ergonomics and 15 hours of battery life for marathon gaming. It supports Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound for precise spatial cues, while built-in MixAmp technology makes it easy to optimize balance between chat volume and game sounds.

In addition to wireless connectivity, 3.5mm input/output and optical input/output are included for wired setup. The included ASTRO Command Center software allows Pros and Livestreamers to tune every input and output parameter of the A50 precisely to configure it for their specific setup. For VR headset users, the A50 will fit perfectly over the HTC Vive, Oculus, or PS VR and deliver an immersive audio experience.

Available in two models: one for PS4/PC/Mac (blue & black), and the other one for Xbox One/PC/Mac (green & black).

General information

5GHz Wireless Technology

Ditch the cables with confidence. ASTRO’s wireless technology provides robust, low-latency performance by operating at a higher frequency. This keeps you in perfect sync with your gameplay and eliminates interference from other wireless devices, allowing you to focus on winning. No chat cable required on any console.

General information

ASTRO Base Station Transmitter

No one likes a complicated setup. The A50 headset automatically pairs with the ASTRO Base Station for frustration-free connectivity, while magnetic charging allows for effortless docking when the headset is not in use. The Base Station’s front display indicates battery life and charging status to ensure you never get stuck with a dead headset. The rear 3.5mm input/output supports additional audio sources, giving you the ability to take phone calls, overlay background music, or output your game audio and chat to external capturing devices.

General information

Built-In MixAmp

Take control of your audio. The A50 integrates ASTRO’s MixAmp technology for advanced customization of all inputs and outputs. This all-digital solution allows gamers and streamers to fine-tune various audio settings, including Game:Voice Balancing, which adjusts the ratio of game audio to voice chat. Users can easily tweak the levels of each audio source to achieve the perfect mix.

General information

Precision Microphone with Flip-to-Mute

ASTRO Gaming was conceived in the pits of eSports tournaments, so we know the importance of clean voice chat. The flexible, durable microphone offered on the A50 provides clear, low noise communication and is optimized for Xbox One and PC/Mac®. And with the ASTRO Command Center software, gamers can fully adjust microphone levels and other settings depending on their environment and preferences.

General information

Comfort & Durability

ASTRO headsets were designed for marathon gaming sessions. The ear cushions feature cloth for maximum comfort, backed with synthetic leather for the best acoustic performance. Wear glasses? Not an issue. The A50 features lightweight, yet rugged construction with premium materials for a pressure-free fit that won’t overheat your head.

General information

ASTRO Command Center Software

The innovative ASTRO Command Center software offers enhanced flexibility and control beyond default mix settings. The A50 has three new EQ presets (ASTRO, Pro, and Studio), which can also be accessed via the headset for fast and easy selection. Users can also independently adjust input and output levels, including Sidetone and Noise Gate. Profiles can then be updated, saved, and shared. The software also provides automatic notification of product firmware updates when they become available.

General information

PC Compatibility and Support

The A50 offers multi-platform compatibility, making it simple to switch between console and PC/Mac® modes. PC gamers can access the ASTRO Command Center software via USB and adjust various audio settings and levels accordingly. PC gamers can also balance game sound and voice chat when using separate chat applications such as Discord™ or Skype®.

General information

Dolby® Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound

Whether it’s stereo or multi-channel surround sound, the A50 delivers accurate audio no matter the source. Spatial placement and directivity are crucial in competitive play and the A50 was engineered with this in mind. The end result is a lifelike, cinematic gaming experience that gives you the ability to pinpoint various objects and sounds in a three-dimensional space.

General information

Pro Quality Audio

ASTRO headsets are specifically tuned for gaming. We work closely with developers, pro gamers, and streamers to deliver dialogue, music, and in-game sounds as they were intended to be heard. ASTRO Audio provides a neutral, smooth, and extended frequency spectrum for detailed, true to life imaging. This means non-fatiguing highs, clear mids, and tight, distortion-free bass for balanced resolution.

General information

Mod Kit Ready

The A50 headset already provides great comfort and sound out-of-the-box, but the optional A50 Mod Kit* (sold separately) gives users the ability to upgrade to synthetic leather noise-isolating ear cushions and a padded headband. The cushions provide increased noise isolation and limit sound leakage for quiet environments.

* Please note: A50 Mod Kits are only compatible with the New/Gen 3 A50 Headsets and not any other headsets, including previous generations of the A50. The A50 headset is not included in the purchase of a Mod Kit.

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